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Left Sikanni River about 9:00a, with only 124 miles to go to our next campground at Fort Nelson, BC. Promises to be an easy day, however the Wagon master doesn't want us in camp until about noon.

About 5 minutes out of the campground we saw the dead moose from the accident last night. A road crew was getting ready to load it up for disposal.

The road was quite relaxing and beautiful without major ups or downs, but some gravel breaks and potholes. Also, not many historical markers or interesting side trips.

We stopped in Fort Nelson on the way in to have lunch at an A & W, which we hadn't been at since they left the business in the states some time ago. It was as good as we remembered. We each had a "Mama" burger, small root beer in the glass mug and shared an order of onion rings. They were better than we remembered and well worth the time we killed prior to going to camp.

We arrived at the "Tripe G, Hideaway Campground" about noon or so, and Sam assigned us our site. We are supposed to have cable TV and after Joanne went thru all the effort to hook up the cables, I checked the connections and found we didn't have a supply cable to our post.......just a bare connector!! What a laugh we had. I then put up the "over the air" antenna, and found we can get "ONE" channel.......good seems to have news, etc.

We took showers and worked on the blog a bit, then walked down the road about a 1/4 mile to the Historical society museum, and saw a lot of old stuff!! Most of which, between the both of us, had seen in our youth. I'm not much for plain "old shit" as I call it. They did have some memorable old cars, trucks, tractors, etc. But again, we had been brought up with those things, so I guess it means we are "old shits"! :>)

This campground has a Wi-Fi hotspot...but nobody can connect to it even though its "open". If I can't connect to it nobody can. I went to the office and asked about it twice and the waitress or what ever she was, says both times, "we had rain and a hail storm two hours ago, so that's why its not working". Bull crap! They need someone who cares and gives a darn to just reboot the modem and router.

Cell phone now works, so Joanne called Julie and asked her to send an email to the rest of the family to tell them we were ok and won't have internet for a few days, then we can update the blog.

Will be a quiet evening around here, I believe, as I think there may have been too much "socializing" for some last night.

We have an 8:30am briefing tomorrow morning for the next leg of our trip to "Liard Hot Springs", which isn't too far either. We plan on putting on our swim suits and enjoying the natural hot springs the same as our soldiers did 69 years ago.

As beautiful as some of the scenery was, there weren't many photo opps out there today, but have shared what we have. Tomorrow will be better, we hope.

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