The Terriy's TDC 2011 travel blog

July 10 - Day 18 – Kindersley –Outlook

K’s 163.50 k

Time 4h40m

Average speed: 35.06/H

T to D 1617 k

Top speed today 62.44

Our first century ride of the tour. That’s a 100 mile or 160 k ride and something that is always a challenge to achieve. Lots of sore butts in camp tonight.

Another fast ride with high winds at our back. This is the third day in a row that we have had favourable winds. We did a 5 k stretch out of Rosetown with the wind hitting us from the side and that really made us appreciate the rest of the ride with it on our back.

A fun ride as we, Terri and I rode a very strong day. At one point we passed 3 riders, one being our Aussie friend, Greg. Greg said as we passed he was going to “catch my wheel” meaning he would draft behind me and then pass. I thought this was a good challenge so jumped on the pedals and rode as hard as I could. We actually hit a speed of 62k/h but finally broke away. That is the fastest I have ever pedaled on a flat stretch of road.

With such good speeds we made camp early but tired after the challenges of the day. With no pay phones and not cell service I couldn’t call Priscilla which was a bummer.

After a good dinner, provided by Terri’s crew, we elected to walk to and over the longest walking bridge in the world. This was an old railway bridge converted to a walking trail which spans the North Saskatchewan River for 3000 feet and the height gives you a great view of the river valley. Following that we walked the into town for ice cream and coffee then off to bed as we have a long and likely hard ride in the morning.

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