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I-20 bridge

round table lunch

After two weeks of marvelous weather a front came through bringing rain and cold temperatures. We headed to the Visitor Information Center to get some cool weather ideas and couldn't find a place to park. The lot was overflowing and there were three squad cars among the crowd of cars. Was there a shoot out at the Information Center? We parked down the street and walked back to see. The center overlooks the bridge where Interstate 20 goes over the Mississippi.

The river is high in the spring and a tug pushing thirty barges down stream lost control and the heavily loaded barges had broken apart scattering helter skelter; two hit the pillars supporting the bridge. Some version of the Coast Guard is stationed along the river for just such occasions and they managed to corral all but one of the rogue barges. It had wrapped itself around the pillar and was impossible to move. I-20 was closed for two hours while local officials figured out what to do. Pulling and pushing didn't work so a crane was brought in onboard a barge and it repeatedly dropped a heavy weight on the half submersed barge, trying to break it in two. The shore was lined with spectators, some with binoculars and video camera. There was even a representative from the local news. Eventually the bridge was reopened, a good thing since the nearest place to cross is sixty miles away, but the barge remains snuggling the bridge support. Such excitement!

Now that we've left Acadia, the eating has gotten more mundane, but the welcome center suggested we try Walnut Hill. This restaurant in a restored Antebellum home, features the round table approach, sort of a stationary buffet. The table seats about ten and has a lazy susan in the middle. Our table started with just the two of us, but the serving staff brought out two kinds of chicken, two kinds of rolls, black eyed peas, shrimp with artichokes, creamed corn, green beans, okra, cole slaw and probably more things I already forgot. But as designed, a group of four walked in the door and was added to our round table, helping us to put a dent in all that food. It was a nice way to meet new folks and try some foods that were new to us. The black eyed peas may not get a second tasting.

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