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Christening: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - The ceremonies involved in naming and launching naval ships are based in traditions thousands of years old.

Well, the motorhome was christened last night but with no ceremony nor naming. I had been in it in late afternoon and had used the sink in the bathroom to wash my hands. Apparently I had not turned the faucet completely off. About 9, Ron decided he wanted a orange out of the fridge in the motorhome. I’m glad he did as the water was pouring down the steps and out the door.

As most of you know – RV holding tanks hold only about 40 to 60 gallons. We had not emptied the tank from our time of staying in the motorhome in Benson. We had each taken several showers and I had washed dishes multiple times – so the tanks were pretty full. Although the faucet was only on a trickle – the tank quickly filled up and over flowed the basin. Luckily the motorhome is on an ever so slight slant forward and to the curbside so the water traveled to the step well and out the door and all on the vinyl. The edge of the carpet is wet – but a fan on it in this dry climate will dry it out.

Lesson learned: Make sure all faucets are turned off – even if you don’t hear any water running.

The rest of this week has been much calmer.

Monday we unpacked the motorhome and washed clothes (How boring can life get?)

Tuesday we started working on a bulletin board for the park and Ron started working on the ornaments for the granddaughter’s Christmas presents.

Wednesday: Ron hauled our garbage and the sick neighbor’s garbage to the transfer station – I painted more on the bulletin board and volunteered at the library.

So that is the way our week has gone. Life is good. Enjoy!!

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