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Now who could resist that face. Must be a great PP&J.

Alexandria enjoying a little outdoor time in sunny Texas (ha, ha).

Dani and Alex enjoying a little backyard activity. Notice the "garden" in...

Alex with Grandpa's hat. Man, I've got to get this red-eye thing...

Two cousins.

Jared and the two girls.

Brothers and daughters. Okay Alex, get rid of the cup!! I see...

Ryan, Dani and Alex.

Grandpa Steve, Alex and Ryan. One of those three generational things. (It...

All the Dickinson boys and their kids. Okay Jared, what's going on...

Grandpa Steve and daughter's in law Dani and Megan. I see Lily's...

Jared, Megan and Lily

The Dickinson's at Dickinson

Not much happening yesterday and today, so leant itself well to taking a few pictures. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Of course, that alone should be worth a few thousand words, as they say.

Ryan and Dani are getting ready to head back to Oregon tomorrow, so this was the last chance.

Obviously, it was great that all of us were able to get together this year for the holidays. Naturally, Melinda would have enjoyed Alex and Lily, and I'm sure neither mother would have had to do anything while she was here.

While getting together for the holidays was nice for our family (primarily me and the boys) this year, it is always a challenge with multiple families and geographic distances. Dani and Megan sacrificed their own family time to allow the Dickinson tribe to gather this year, and I for one greatly appreciate that. Dani's parents were in the Bahamas, visiting Aaron (Dani's brother)and Nicole, and Fred and Jan were in Newport.

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