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Mesquite - Cordoba






Leaving Granada was a whole lot easier than arriving, and so it also proved to be with Cordoba. Again our GPS girls failed. We had the address, which they both appeared to recognise, but were clearly trying to take us to another street. We eventually turned then both off, and again resorted to our maps. Found our way, parked and again taxied to the Hotel Gonzales. Also well situated 100M from the Mesquita, and also a step down from our Paradors.

For future travellers, look at the Hotel Maimonides. Our hotel had no meal services, which of course is a challenge for Helen. This hotel is closed to the Mesquita, has a buffet breakfast, and generally looked a nicer prospect. It may also cost a lot more.

After settling in, Helen and I went for a walk and saw the Alcazar of the Christian Kings with its wonderful garden, and the Roman Bridge, although the only thing that impressed me about the roman bridge was its name with its presumed connection. Our first nights meal was at the El Caballo Rojo restaurant, probably the best meal we had had in Spain to date.

Next day, Geoff and Marg went to see the Alcazar whilst we went to the Mesquita. It is exquisite with it's multiple arches, double arches and columns. Clearly the Christian Kings "won", but in this particular venture, their win was a real loss to humanity. The Cathedral which now sits in and over the ancient mosque is as brutish as the mosque is refined.

Tonight we went to another recommended restaurant - Almudaina. Another very pleasant meal, with much jollity as Don tried to negotiate a "copa de vini" with the waiter. All shared in the laughs that followed, but I can report my success. In fact the next morning I was more aware of my success than usual.

from Helen - i thought the Mesquite was just fabulous....probably enjoyed it more than the Alhambra. It is an amazingly extraordinary building, and very challenging to photograph in the low light. Some nice Aussie kid help me set my camera to a 15 second I could sit it on a bench or the floor (no tripods or monopods allowed - again) and the resultant photo eliminates all the people as long as they are moving. it was a lot of fun in this vast building with all the tourists to play with this.

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