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This was another short hop to Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory of Canada. The weather was very changeable – it started of overcast, went to a downpour, back to overcast and then to partly sunny. The temperature hovered in the mid-sixties. The terrain was hilly and forested with occasional streams and lakes. In spite of the gray skies, it was pretty.

We were supposed to see a herd of buffalo. Instead we saw single buffalo beside the road in four places. The most interesting one was taking a dirt bath. He was rolling around in the loose dirt to cover himself with it. I suppose it felt good. We still have not seen a bear or a moose.

Once everyone had arrived at the RV Park and gotten settled in, we all car-pooled to “The World Famous Sign Post Forest.” It was started in 1942 by a home-sick construction worker. He put up a sign pointing toward his home town and stating the number of miles to get there. Since then it has grown to over 15,000 signs of every imaginable size and type. We had to post a new one advertising our 2010 Fantasy Tour. If you stop there, be sure to look at it!

I used most of my free time to try and get caught up on my Blog. We had no WIFI service, so I couldn’t post anything.

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