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Orange River

Lammie cools off on the river

We crossed the border into Namibia today after a long drive. Though we sat at the back of the truck where it was windy, the breeze coming it was as hot as hairdryer. Bleh. The border guard said it was 44 degrees out.... but it's a dry heat. Ha ha ha. I tell you, at that temperature, it doesn't matter. It's just hot.

The border on the South Africa side was more technologically advanced than the Namibia side - it had computers. :) The Namibia customs guards wrote your details down by hand.

Tonight was our first camping night in Africa. Our site was on the edge of the Orange River. We all ran from the truck and into the river to cool down. That night, the temperature did not drop as much as we had hoped. We ended up sleeping on top of our sheet sleeping bags. We finally got some sleep after it started to rain, as it cooled things down quite a bit.

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