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Sign for the RV Park

Our home through January

The street we are on inside the park

Light rail going by park

Bill & Pam's trailer next to their coach along with their Harley

Not a Post Road Coach!

The Christmas Message

Sign for Apache Palms RV Park

View down the road we are parked on

Our coach at Apache Palms

Hot Tub & Swimming Pool at Apache Palms

Outside Wall at Apache Palms

Light Rail going down Apache Blvd.

We arrived in Tempe on Saturday, the 12Th. The weather is beautiful. Although we did have some rain on Sunday, we did see a beautiful full rainbow on our way to my sister's. Every other day we have been here it's been sunny and in high 60's or low 70's. Right now it's 70.5 in the shade. We can deal with this very well; however it's a little difficult to get in the Christmas spirit and it's funny to see palm trees decorated with Christmas lights. People out here do decorate their homes with all sorts of Christmas decorations just like home though.

The park is not as nice as most that we stayed in on our way out here, but it is doable. The spaces are close together, but we have room to have all four of our slides and the awning out. We also have room to park the car next to the coach. In addition we have a small concrete patio. The roads are paved and we are parked on gravel. There are full hook-ups, free wifi and cable TV with a good selection of stations. In addition, there is a light rail station right outside the park and for $1.25 we can ride all day. The light rail goes from Mesa through Phoenix to Glendale, which is quite a distance. The park has given us brochures, telling not only the route but what is at each stop. We will probably ride it one day just to see where it goes. For an inner city park it is relatively quiet. There are a few mobile homes across the fence in back of us that were a little noisy over the weekend and we do hear the sirens but after living on Buckland Rd. all those years we can tune it out easily. The location is very good for us. We are about 15 minutes from my sister, Jan's house and 10 minutes from where my niece, Nikki works. Jan got a dog in October and he loves Brad. He is so cute. He's part Akita and part Heinz 57. Fortunately, the Heinz 57 part is small, so he's not too big. He's very lovable and Brad will sit on the floor and pet and scratch him forever. Scout is in 7Th heaven when he's around. He's good company for Jan and he gets along very well with Nikki's dog, Bailey. Yesterday I went over to Jan's, did some shopping and finally had my hair cut. When I got back Brad told me he had met some of the neighbors here. The couple a few coaches down are full timers and Bill is a detective in the Tempe Police Dept. When Brad was shutting the door of the coach, he accidentally hit the lock and locked himself out of the coach with both sets of keys inside. There was a newer Essex in the park (also a Newmar product) and he came over and tried his keys on our coach - naturally they didn't work. Then Brad went down to Bill & Pam's to see if they had a cell phone he could use to call AAA (his cell phone was also in the coach). Bill came over and in nothing flat had picked the lock and let him in. It worked out very well for us, but it's scary to see how quickly someone could get in. The good thing about this park is that even though a lot of the people here do go to work every day there are also a lot that are around the park all the time and they watch out for strangers. The updates will be more sporadic now, but when we see or do something interesting I will write.

We didn't get to church last Sunday. I was going to try to go but the First Congregational Church of Scottsdale traditional service was at 9:00 a.m and I didn't think I would make it out that early, especially since I was going to have to allow a little extra time to find it and the Shepard of the Hills church, the other UCC has no web site and I didn't know what time the service was or just where it was. We will get that information during this week. Charlotte - I'll report back to you.

We appreciat the feedback we have received from many of you and are glad you are enjoying this journal.

Brad & Barb

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