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Back in the old S & B (sticks and bricks = traditional house) I used to bake, decorate, and almost hate Christmas. It seemed that I was stuck in the kitchen forever and after a quick meal was stuck there even more with dishes, too much food to put away and all that "stuff" to put away. Here in the desert in retirement - it is a lot more fun. I look at the decorated houses on TV, I cook what I want to and Ron helps a lot more with the dishes. Life it good.

It is even better with friends. Yesterday morning, I was dozing while watching GMA when a knock at the door was Denny and Susie, who stopped on their way from North Ranch to CA to visit their daughter. Susie's wrist is much better since her third (I think) surgery to reduce the fracture from a ATV accident. They had stopped to see how Ron was doing and just say Hi. It was great to see them.

I did bake a bit yesterday, too. I freeze any bananas that get over ripe or sometimes only have 1/2 of one for breakfast and freeze the rest. The bag was full so it was time to make banana bread. It turned out yummy and I have to really be careful not to eat too much.

My brother, Rod, will be here in a few hours for Christmas. We aren't going Rhino riding as it is supposed to be in the low 50's most of the week. That is just too cold to make it fun. In addition, I don't want Ron to jar his back too badly until he sees the Dr. on Jan. 5 for the post procedure check up. So we will sit around here and just eat and talk.

Hope you all have a happy holiday. See you Sunday.

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