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Today is a rest day. Hah, we know what that means - a grueling hike. I skipped the hike. My cough is not getting better, and I need a day of rest. Additionally, I had diarrhea for the 2nd morning. I think I need to change what I'm eating. All the food is vegetarian, alot of it fried, and they mix vegetables with potatoes, fried rice, fried noodles. The most common vegetable is cabbage. So, I'll skip the food with the cabbage.

Tashi (our leader) assigned the youngest porter (16 years old) to stay at the lodge and monitor me for altitude sickness. I didn't do much today, read, slept, sneaked out of the lodge and OMG bought lunch and water somewhere else. I had my down parka on which has huge pockets, so I hid the water bottles in the inside pockets. Then 3 of our porters walked by. Apparently the group was getting back from their dayhike, and some of the porters went ahead. I tried to hide the water so I wouldn't get in trouble.

When the group got back they said the dayhike was nothing special, and gave most of them headaches. They climbed to another village above Dingboche, and could see Island Peak, which is a very popular peak to climb.

Dingboche is a really nice village, but over 14,000' feet. They actually grow barley here, and some of the villages around 13,000' grow potatoes. Most of the people in the village move down to a lower altitude during winter, but some stay for the winter trekkers. I think trekking in the winter is crazy, but it's popular during Xmas/New Year's. Our rooms are not heated, so we use our sleeping bags and the comforters they provide. The dining hall is heated, by dried yak dung at this altitude, and the fumes really bother my lungs. Great choice, cold in my room or warm and coughing with burning yak dung.

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