Bob & Linda's Alaska Trip 2009 travel blog

Mt. Drum, From Wrangell-St.Elias Nat. Park

Typical Vista-Beautiful everywhere you turn

Worthington Glacier - you can walk right up to it.

Bridal Veil Falls- on way to Valdez

Oscar-the local ham- Sea Otter at Small Boat Harbor

Roadside Moose sighting

mtn. vista with fireweed

Iceberg-will be melted in 3 or 4 days-floating in Prince William Sound

Sea lions- hundreds along the shoreline, in and out of the water

playing with the Humpback Whales

Iceberg- background from boat

As close as we could get to Columbia Glacier (calfing)

melting icebergs all around us on way out from Columbia Glacier

Pipeline Terminal at Valdez

LU-LU Belle, Great cruise with Capt. Fred

6-25 Arrived in Valdez, fog rolling in. We had good weather and great views at every turn on our way down. Stopped at the visitors center at Wrangell-St. Elias Nat.Park to see the film (bird eye view) of the area as this is the only way we can see it. (unless you fly or hike in )This park is the largest in the National Park System. Four major mountain ranges meet here, which includes Nine of the sixteen tallest peaks in the U.S. Do I need to say more about views? The pipeline came into view as it was now paralleling the highway. The pipeline runs from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, 800 miles. Next, we stopped at the Worthington Glacier, temps were in the 40s so bundled up before venturing out. The rest of the way down was full of photo-ops at every turn. Keystone canyon, Bridal veil Falls and Horsetail Falls added to the scenery. We decided to stay at Bear Paw Park as it is within walking distance to everything in town.(Shops to Docks). Old Valdez was wiped out in 1964 by a massive earthquake and the present location is 4 miles east. An evening stroll down to the docks found the local Sea Otter (Oscar) grooming himself and being the local ham. 6-26 Found the weather clear and very nice so we walked over to the Lu Lu Belle office where we booked our 5+ hr cruise of Prince William Sound for the afternoon. That gave us time to give the truck and camper a much needed bath. Leaving at 2pm from the dock right in front of the park was very convenient. This cruise was to see glaciers and marine life and oh boy, did we. If your ever in this area, this is the cruise to take. We sure got our moneys worth because we didn't get back to the dock until 9:45pm (8 3/4 hrs). We saw sea otters, commercial fisherman hauling in salmon, stellar sea lions (100's of them), Dall porpoise, puffins in their caves, pair of humpback whales (waited for them to surface 4 different times), icebergs, eagles, Anderson and Columbia glaciers and spectacular scenery. We arrived back at the dock tired and ready to call it a day, but well worth it. 6-27 Today, we checked out 1 of 3 museums in town to see the films on the 1964 earthquake and building of the Alaska pipeline. Decided not to take a fishing trip as they wanted $900 to go out. I can buy a lot of fish for that. We are going to relax a little the rest of today, and head out in the am to see the Valdez Glacier and whats left of Old Valdez on our way to Anchorage. (retracing our steps to Glennallen)

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