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Hanging out at Excelsior Mall near the city center

Panteon de Heroes

Presidential Palace

Ravi --

Asunción is the capital city and Paraguay´s largest, and had a large-city feel, welcomed after a few weeks since the last time we were in a really ¨big city¨.

Paraguay´s cities actually don´t have much to do themselves, and instead serve as jump-off points to other venues, such as the national park we went to a few hours away from Asuncion (see next post), or the Iguazu Falls near Ciudad del Este.

But anyway, Asunción was actually quite nice, and we did a walking tour of the city center that Friday afternoon after our arrival from Salta via Formosa and Clorinda (the Argentina border town). A nice plaza with a beautiful domed pantheon in honor of Paraguay´s war heroes. Some great architecture for its government buildings. And an interesting preserved home, the oldest in Asunción, where the Declaration of Indepenence was signed in the 1810s.

Though, that Friday afternoon, we mainly took advantage of being in a city city again, and hung out at one of the city´s large malls, ate a Pizza Hut lunch buffet, and saw a movie in its cinema (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). A relaxed afternoon indeed and well deserved after some busy traveling!

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