Anne & Tom's Adventure in India travel blog

Our plan for the five weeks

Packing - we'll need 3 suitcases

This one will have just "goodies" for the Global Volunteers children

Of course, Tom has his cameras. He is taking 3 small cameras...

Here is our "travel" laptop from which these updates are posted. Tom...

It's only 4 days away!

We are packing, panicking, and preparing for our five week trip to India. We leave on Thursday, October 9 and after a 15 hour non-stop flight, we land in Delhi Friday night (Delhi is 9.5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight time). After an overnight at a hotel in Delhi, we board another plane for Chennai and our two weeks with Global Volunteers. Here we will be working with orphans and other children at 4 or 5 different locations.

Tom hopes to have the children make a movie about their lives similar to the movie he did in the Cook Islands.

Anne has been stocking up on maps, play books, balls, crayons, and similar fun teaching items that these poor children just never get.

After the work with the children, we plan to relax on a 10 day tour of Kerala, in the South West part of India. We have a car and a driver (you never want to drive yourself in India!) and one night is on a houseboat in the backwaters.

We have had all the shots and have lots of mosquito repellant. The temperature in India at this time of the year is cool (for India!) in the upper 70's and high 80's.

The final part of the adventure is with our tried and true travel company, Classic Journeys. We'll go to the northern part of India and see many exotic sites (including the Taj Mahal). There will be a big camel fair event, so besides riding an elephant, we may try the two-hump Indian Camel.

Watch for our updates whenever we find an Internet cafe or a connection at a hotel.

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