Saturday after shark cage diving I hitched a ride from Robbie, Irish friend, from Hermanus into Cape Town. Robbie has been renting a car and offered to take me the two hours to Cape Town. He has been in town for advanced scuba training, so knew an awesome beach road to CT. The drive was unbelievable and we stopped for a couple of beers in Gordon's Bay.

Upon arriving into Cape Town I dropped my bags at Long Street Backpackers and made my way to meet Robbie at the Mexican restaurant for grub and a margarita.

After only 4 hours of sleep, diving, then driving to Cape Town I was due for a nap. After a couple of hours down I was awoken to a band doing a sound check. The place where I am staying had a live band for their 15th anniversary that Saturday. The band was from the Ivory Coast and were great! They rocked out a mix of raggae, salsa, some funky island French music, along with some random sing a longs. After the band wrapped up the crew and I headed out onto Long Street (Cape Town's take on Bourbon St).

After a long night a lazy Sunday at the beach was calling my name. As I was getting packed up for Clifton's 4th Beach I turned on my cell phone and got some very sad news that my grandmother had passed away. My dad's mom (Nana) was the sweetest grandmother anyone could have ever hoped for. It was especially tough to be receiving this news via a text from my sister half the world away. I know she is in a better place now, but wish I could have been home to be with my family at the time.

Clifton's 4th beach turned out to be nice way to get my mind away from back home. The beach is unreal with countless multi million dollar homes climbing up Table Mountain behind the beach. After hanging awhile our group went to La Med (beach bar) and then to grab food along Beach Road in Camps Bay. Hard to explain what a cool vibe this place has. We then got a call from a lady we met on our safari. She was hanging with some friends on Camps Bay beach. So after eating we walked across Beach Rd to watch the sunset with them.

Monday we took off early on a wine tour through Stellenbosch and Pall wine regions just outside of Cape Town. We went to 4 great vineyards with a lunch being served along the way. I had a pretty funny side trip at the last vineyard that will be explained later.

Upon returning our older lady friends (from the safari) had called about getting together. Elsa was having people over to swim and have a braai (s african cookout with wild game meat) at her place. Not willing to pass up the opportunity for a different experience Brian and I jumped aboard. She picked us up and took us back to her place in the City Bowl (cool area of town, overlooking downtown Cape). We had a great time and stayed up drinking until later than expected.

Today is Tuesday (12/9) now and I was able to get photos uploaded from the trip so far. I broke things up into Jo'Burg through Hermanus, then this section on Cape Town. I will add some Cape Town photos later, but Brian and I are off to Robben Island now. Robben Island is an island prison for political prisoner (where Nelson Mandella was held captive).

Well our trip to Robben Island ended up getting postponed due to rough seas. Robben Island is 5.5 km from Cape Town's harbor.

Wednesday we arranged for Elsa to take us around Cape Point. We started the day by tackling Table Mountain, a 1000 meter mountain smack dap in the middle of Cape Town overlooking the city and beautiful coast. The views from up there are amazing. After wondering around about an hour we hopped on the cable car to take us back down. There Elsa picked us up and took us for a couple of hour ride to Cape Point, the southern most point around Cape Town (many call it the southern most part of Afrika but it is not). At Elsa's request we picked up some beers for the ride. The coast here was just what I have come to expect from the South African coast...amazing. We stopped at a great seafood restuarant. We had some great calamari and seared tuna for lunch to go along with a couple of bottles of chenin blance, which after the wine tour may be my new favorite white.

Thursday morning we made it back to the V&A Waterfront (covered in stores, restaurants, bars, and live music) in Cape Town to set off to Robben Island. We got in the Robben Island tour which was pretty interesting although I did several head bobs throughout the tour due to lack of sleep. That afternoon Elsa collected us from LongStreet Backpackers and took us to the Cape Town airport.

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