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New ladder-oh, boy

Fantasy Springs Casino Indio, Ca

Pretty landscaping

Salton Sea

Crusted salt deposits in & our of water

The beach





Yum, lunch

Little seen, new growth around base


Graffiti at Slab City

Slab City squatters


Sunset 6:15 PST

Our sleep patterns have been slightly altered since on Pacific time. How do our bodies get into such stubborn habits? Dawn and sunlight don't correlate with the time on the clock our bodies think we should awaken.

The way to Salton Sea is bordered with rich vegetable and fruit fields. The Imperial Valley is the largest producers of dates and raisins. Thank goodness there was a "field" vegetable stand- we bought grapefruit and oranges. Then the terrain became natural in appearance and beauty. The California State Park system has claimed the east side of the Salton Sea. We noted an organized camp ground in the beach area; areas titled "state recreation areas" allow primitive camping along the waterfront. Even farther down the road there is a large military presence-somewhat difficult to recognize as such. Most of these are training areas as I have mentioned previously. The most southerly boundary of the lake and Mexicali, Mexico are neighbors.

The Salton Sea began as a mined salt pit in the late 1800's. In 1905 the Colorado River flooded over into the -268 feet below sea level area creating a garganutous body of water. As the salt content rises, evaporation of water continues, and limited water influx comes from area farm run off. On a windy day there is a strong sulphur odor in the air. Not many species of aquatic life survive under these conditions. What cycle the bacteria, dying fish, vegetation take is not clear to me. Folks were there fishing-do they eat their catch? I'm afraid to know.

While continuing to follow the shore line, 86 miles later we came across the infamous Slab City at the town of Niland. Remaining concrete slabs from a former military installation dot the hot sand. This land is free to live upon, mostly West Va style! To each his own. The heat of the sun is intense and the land desolete. These people are stronger than I.

A picnic style lunch tasted so good at the Wildlife Management Area. Surprisingly, one can cool off quickly with a small amount of shade. A Va. friend tells me it will reach triple digits on the thermometer soon! No thank you.

We captured the sunset while enjoying sitting outside. Hope you like it, too. Tomorrow is a travel day. We'll be traveling NW to San Bernadino. See you there!

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