Summer 2008 travel blog

Old fridge out. Pretty yucky under neath. Even found lady beetles!!

New one coming in! Repairman Matt in the door - great guy.

Ready to fill. New door shelves are clear - nicer than old...

We moved a whole seven and one half miles and hooked up to electric at Fairmont RV in Fairmont, MN. A few minutes later our repairman, Matt, showed up and asked if we had everything we needed. We said yes and proceeded to have a great evening of people watching as the storage sheds behind the dealership were very busy. After dark we buttoned up and read and then went to bed early.

We were up early as the repair crew was to be there at 8 am. Cleaned everything out of the fridge as we had been using the freezer part as a cooler with several zip lock bags of ice. It kept quite cold and we didn't loose much from there. We did, however, loose every thing that had been frozen. Some of it might have been salvageable but there wasn't much so why take a chance.

Matt and his helper started by taking the outside of the fridge apart. He then asked if we wanted the circuit boards and probe as they sometimes go bad, we are installing the same model, and he would just throw them away. So we now carry spare fridge parts as well as the other spare parts for the RV.

The pictures tell the story of the installation - in about an hour we were ready to go. We had bought a hot water anode and they even installed that, too.

We waited a bit to make sure it was cooling and then hit the road for Faribault.

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