We visited the AWESOME Olympic Game Farm today...

You feed the animals from your car...

It was really cool, we highly recommend it to our readers..

Peacocks and Bald Eagles were all over the park..

What a beauty!!

This fella rode quite a bit of the trip with us...:-)

Check out this cool home for the birds..

Zoomed view..

A lot of the animals were in cages..


We were allowed to feed all the ones who came to the...

They LOVED the bread we were allowed to feed them...



It was amazing..:)


We all enjoyed feeding them..

Check out the car ahead of us..:)

Another view..

We loved feeding the deer the most..

The bears loved the bread too..


He would raise his hand when he wanted more bread...

He was behind an electric fence...

Another cool bear in the park...

Check out that huge piece of meat by the lion....


This wolf was just fed too...

My favorite animals to feed....

Kim feeding the cool?



I enjoyed feeding this beauty..


More elk...

Don't miss this incredible park...

Last one!

We visited the Olympic Game Farm today with Kim. We all had a ball. You pay $14 each for a pass for the day. We thought about riding through again but it was too late to do it again.

They sell you whole wheat bread at the gate. You are allowed to feed only the animals that are loose or the bears that ask for food. We had one cool bear that ate the bread and then raised his hand when he wanted another piece. He was so cool! We had so many animals coming to the car for food, we gave out after feeding them two full loaves of bread and needed more.

My favorite part of the park was the area with elk, deer and even reindeer. It was an amazing park and we highly recommend it to all of our readers. Don’t miss this one while in the Sequim, Washington area. Check back later for more of our adventures in Washington.

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