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It was so great to spend the morning with our friend Chris!

There is Pt. Conception looming in the distance

Coho Anchorage

Morning coastline to the south

How do you eat an elephant? One bite (or port) at a time. Seattle feels far, far away.

After meeting our dear friend Chris for breakfast and attending the Trace Adkins concert with family and friends (12 in total) we departed from Ventura on Wednesday at about 3 a.m. After a nice passage we arrived at Coho anchorage, just south of the point of Conception at about 1 p.m. We anticipated making the run around the point about midnight (which is reported to be the calmest time of day here). When I awoke and saw a small craft advisory last night with 30 kt. gusts we aborted our plan. Unfortunately we slept a lot of the afternoon and all night last night in anticipation of a long rough run though we now feel a bit off from over sleeping. In any event the forecast looks better for tonight, Thursday, and will make the run at midnight. I look forward to having the crossing of this area behind us. We may stop at Port San Luis/Avila beach next or continue on to Morro Bay depending on how badly we get beat up on the next run....

This anchorage is beautiful and very well protected from NW wind and from most of the swell. This point is just south of Jalama beach where we used to camp with our kids. We have had a few surfers and fishermen nearby in this pristine spot. It feels good to be back at sea but can't believe how windy it has been all afternoon!!

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