2008 Midwest USA travel blog

Campsite 31 at Nebraska Tailwaters COE

First sunrise at campsite

South Dakota shore seen from campsite

The Missouri River viewed from near US-75 about half-way between Omaha and...

Cottonwoods at campground

Cottonwood tree trunk

Cottonwood cotton caught by grass

We are now sitting in a beautiful COE campground on the Missouri River that separates Nebraska from South Dakota. We are on the Nebraska side with a great view of the river and the South Dakota shoreline

. The trip up from Omaha was probably our worst to date. Just after we left the campground, it started raining as I was getting our propane tank filled and we wound up waiting about 30 minutes for it to stop before we could hook the Jeep up for the trip. Just as we finished getting the Jeep hooked up, the skies opened with one of the hardest rains we have had since leaving Florida. We went ahead and started and got out of the rain about an hour out of Omaha but it wasn't fun going through Omaha in the downpour.

We avoided the Interstates and stayed on two-lane US-75 (the Lewis and Clark scenic trail

) most of the way up to see the scenary a little better. Boy, there are a lot of corn fields in Nebraska! All of the gas stations we have seen in Kansas and Nebraska have 10% Ethanol as their Mid-grade, 89 Octane, gasoline and sell it for 10 cents less that 87 Octane regular. I tried it for one fill-up in Omaha but it didn't perform like 89 Octane and I don't think got as good of mileage as usual so I haven't used it since. From what I understand Florida is going to start doing the same thing (10% Ethanol available at all stations)?

Anyway, back to the trip up. Just as we were getting close to our destination, we find that they have closed the bridge across the Missouri on the highway we were going to use to get to our campground and we were not sure how that would affect our route into the campground. We took a little bit longer route which we figured would allow us access for sure but the signs for the campground were not visible from that direction so we missed our turn and had to find a place we could turn this monster around. Eventually we did get it turned around and find the campground. We don't plan on doing much here but recovering from the last two weeks. It will be nice to wind down and just camp for a couple of days. The campground has too many trees for me to get my DirecTV but I do have broadband internet access through my aircard so all is not lost.

Speaking of the trees, the campground is full of Cottonwoods

. For those of you not familiar with these trees, they are large, high-crowned, majestic trees with a very deep-crevised bark

and at this time of year spread their seeds with little tufts of cotton

that spread with the breeze. We have had these trees since we were in Oklahoma and, as we go North, we are staying in their Spring, seed-spreading season. It will be interesting to see if we encounter them again in Grand Forks, ND which is where we will be July 4th.

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