Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

The foot of the biggest tree in the world

General Sherman Tree (the biggest one) from a distance

Walking in the woods

Sunlit trees

High Sierras from the trail

Moro Rock warning

Bendy mountain road

Me and Moro Rock

Near Moro Rock

Tunnel Tree

Sun through trees

Bear blocking path

General Sherman Grove

Road out of the mountains

Today is my last day here so I spent the day hiking, over 8 hours up and down forested mountains at about 7-8,000 feet. Great views, but best of all the Sequoias. These are yet another step increase in size and general awesomness, indeed I saw four of the world's biggest five trees today. Interestingly, the size of the monster big 250 foot high, 1,500 ton one was slightly diminished by the big crowds around it, and I was much more impressed with fractionally smaller enormous Sequoias in the more remote parts of the forest I found myself in during my wanderings, and I saw an awful lot of them, never tiring of them, they are just great.

A fantastic day of walking, and I hardly saw anybody, though I did see this older couple who were lost. They didn't have a map, which is both mad and dangerous in a forest the size of a British County. Other highlights were climbing up on top of this huge granite dome for the views of the mountains and the canyons, and having a wee nap in the sun, with enormous vistas spread out in front of me.

Nearly back at my car I nearly fell over yet another bear and cubs, this one with a collar kind of monitoring device. I watched them for a while but in the end had to detour off the path to get round them.

And then a quite scary and monotonously bendy drive down out of the mountains to my planned motel in Three Rivers, what easily felt like 600 bends! The views were great though - as they often are on scary roads - and the Foothills looked really attractive, but I will have to explore them another time. And to finish off the day I had dinner and a drink in a very American kind of place.

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