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Our first visit to Louisiana. I think they should move that post......

We couldn't resist taking this picture! We didn't know there was a...

Atchafalaya Swamp Parkway is about 20 miles long.

This is what it looks like on either side of the Parkway.

Caught this sternwheeler as we drove on the bridge that spans the...

Our first time in Mississippi.

Our first look at the Natchez Trace Parkway - it was so...

This explains what the Natchez Trace was.

This is a section of the trace. Imagine walking the same trail...

Small trees with white flowers peeked through the tall trees all along...

Interesting story.

The 13 confederate graves.

A section of the trace to the left of the graves.

Our rig and Claude & Michele's 5th wheel.

A view of the Tennessee River in Alabama.

Claude, Michele & Lise enjoying the weather after lunch.. along the Natchez...

We couldn't believe how green it was all along the Trace Parkway.

Leaving Tennessee...

Our trip along the Natchez Trace Parkway (from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee) was very relaxing. The speed limit was 50 mph for the whole 440 miles so we didn't have to drive our coach at speed competing for lane space with the trucks on the interstates. :-)

Weather was good too. There were thunderstorms and damaging hail forecast but we avoided it - not through any route diversions, just being lucky, I guess.

After we left the Wal Mart parking lot in Nashville, our campground for the night, we travelled up Interstate 65. It was Sunday morning and we noticed a lot of very expensive motorhomes travelling south towards Nashville. They weren't travelling together, just we'd see one every couple of miles. They were mostly Prevost bus conversions that singers and entertainers use; the type that are valued at about a million and a half. You usually only see them about once a month. On this day we saw more than 40 for sure. At first I thought it was musicians travelling back to Nashville after doing their show elsewhere. But I heard on the radio later that the Country Music Awards were on during the upcoming week, so I believe they were entertainers alright, but probably travelling in their expensive buses to attend the CMA show. Lots of money on the road that day!

We finally made it to the border on April 16th, with our friends Claude and Michele. There was absolutely no line up and we were both through within five minutes. I was prepared for an hour or two wait so this was great. The plan was to stop just past Sarnia but it was too early (around noon) so we agreed to carry on to London, Ontario. Claude and Michele decided to stop there for the night and we decided we wanted to look at motorhomes at Sicard Holiday Campers east of Hamilton. So we left them there at the Flying J truck stop and continued on. We found a very nice campground (Fifty Point Campground) along Lake Ontario and settled in for the night.

Sicard has a website we have been viewing ever since we decided to buy our first motorhome so we thought it would be nice to visit it and see what these rigs looked like up close and personal. We arrived there about 10:00 the next morning and coralled a salesman to show us around and basically tied up his time for the whole day. I think we didn't leave until about 5:00. It was great. We looked at new and used coaches and there were 3 or 4 we really liked. After mulling over the information we had garnered during the day, we decided to go back the next day and have a second look at the ones we liked best. Long story short, we decided to buy a 2006 Holiday Rambler Ambassador diesel pusher that only has 7,000 miles on it. We got a deal we liked so now we are just waiting to take delivery, which we expect to be next week (April 29). It is 40 feet long and has 4 slides. Since we're going to be living in this full time we thought we should get something that has most of the features we think we've been missing. We already had a short list of what we would want and this one fills most of them. Needless to say, we are pretty excited and can hardly wait to pick it up. We'll post pictures soon.

After those exciting two days we continued on to Ottawa in order to arrive in time for celebrating Lise's mother's 80th birthday. It was a big get-together with over a hundred guests attending. She absolutely didn't expect it so it was a wonderful event.

We have been visiting with family and have seen our daughter Renee and her husband Marc and our grandson Liam just about every day since our return. That has definitely been a highlight - getting to see family again, especially the young ones. They grow up so quickly.

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