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The Beach at North Cape, PEI

This rock is the farthest point north in PEI

Harvesting sea weed - I beleive it is called Dulce (and tastes...

Wind generators at North Cape, PEI

We had a surprisingly good sleep despite the less than ideal accomodations in the motel basement. The people were very friendly. The older feller who seemed to be one of the owners was downstairs making coffee for us first thing in the morning and liked to chat.

We headed to Summerside for breakfast and stopped at a place called Bakin Donuts that offered full breakfasts on the sign outside. It was likely the busiest and noisiest place we have been in on this trip but also the fastest service. The breakfast was very good and when the bill came I asked if there was a mistake as it was only $5.50 for both of us. There was no mistake.

Summerside is a popular tourist area and this weekend it was packed. After breakfast we headed directly to the countryside. I read that driving through PEI you will find a "postcard view around every corner." That is absolutely correct. What a wonderfull place to ride through the countryside!

The roads wind through the farmland and along the sea The farms are all picturesque with large victorian style farmhouses everywhere. Every few miles there is a named local or intersection and you are never too far from a small town or village.

The one thing that is most notable to us is the short distances. We look at a point on the map, perhaps on the far side of the island, and realize it it only 25 or 30 km away. I beleive the island is only about 200 km from tip to tip.

We made our way along the north-east coast towards North Cape, the most northerly point on PEI. Along the way we traveled through several towns and at one point were suddenly driving along a parade route.

We turned onto a street and found it was lined on both sides with people in lawn chairs waiting for a parade to start. We just waved and the people waved back. Turned out it was an oyster festival. It looked like fun but the town was just packed with people which did not inspire us to stay.

At North Cape there is a wind generator farm with at least 15 or 20 large windmills generating electricity similar to what we have in southern Alberta. It was a pretty awesome sight to see these huge towers projecting out of the landscape.

From North Cape we turned south on the west side of the island and again found all of the places we went by were full. We finally found a small motel with a vacancy near Woodstock. It was old and not too classy, very much like last night's room, but at least it was on the ground floor and very clean.

The older lady running the motel was very nice and put on a fresh pot of coffee for Janine. We are finding the people quickly make up for any shortcommings in the rooms.

It was a great day exploring PEI and I expect we will be here for the rest of the week at least. We just love it here.

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