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Benini Foundation Galleries

'Marathon' by B H Turner, welded steel

'Ubiquitous IV', Benini, painted steel

'Eyes of the Storm', Bryan Massey, steel

'Pursuit', Robert Hamric, painted aluminum

'Seed', Sam Spiczka, corten steel, wood, galvanized bolts, nuts

'The Bride at 3AM', Jack Gron, welded aluminum, steel base

'The Guardians', Marshall Cunningham, steel

'Face of God - Nove', Acrylics on Canvas, Benini

'Courting Kaos - Between Heaven and Hell', Acrylics, Benini

'Determination' & 'Aspiration', Loren Impson, ferro cement, steel

'Passion in a Bud Vase', La Paso, Stainless steel, etched pigment

'Cock's Crow', Marshall Cunningham, steel

'The Constant Battle', Marshall Cunningham, welded steel

'Hi-Ho', Bettye H Turner, chrome, welded

'Turbulence III', Pete Deise, welded steel

'Post Ascension Pod Series' and 'Ascension II', Pete Deise, welded steel

'Tribute to San Pio', Benini, "Pray, hope and don't worry"

'Imminent', Amy Nadler, clear coated steel

'Eye in the Sky', Rick Cunningham, steel & brass

'Pony Show', La Paso, stainless steel & copper

Benini Home, rear, entrance to garden

'The Passion Flower', La Paso, pigmented stainless steel, rear of Benini home

'The Blessing Counter', Benini, welded steel, behind Benini home

Jeanette, Trish, Pat and Val in Gallery

Photo of Benini from his Web Page

March Birthday Honorees, Betty Wendler, Georgia Lewis, Bob Williams & Jeanette Lowell

Windmill at Peach Country RV Park


Today I had a lot to do, so I was up early. First, I took Daisy back to RV Outlet Mall to have the air conditioner cleaned. They did it right this time - at no charge. All they had to do was clean the piece that holds the air filters. It looks and smells much better now. I don't know why they didn't do a good job to begin with!

Then I went to Mac Haik Ford to see if they would have time to perform some factory recall work. I had received a notice from Ford Motor Company telling me that the fused jumper harness, which was installed in August 2006, has circuit polarity that is not compatible with my vehicle. The potential for a fire exists regardless of whether or not the engine is running. Caramba! Unfortunately, Mac Haik did not have the required part and they did not expect to receive any until sometime in April. They disconnected the harness to prevent the fire hazard and told me to call back later to see whether they have received the part. I decided that I could live without my cruise control easier than with the fear of fire!

Since neither of my errands took much time, I was on my way to the LoW campout at Stonewall by 10:30. Since it is only 100 miles from Georgetown, I was at the Peach Country RV Park by noon. I had stopped in Marble Falls to buy food for our potluck dinner tonight.

Mary Jo was our hostess for this campout. She lives at the Peach Country RV Park. She went all out and did a bang-up job. She had decorated the clubroom for the season.


Today was a time of relaxation, visiting with friends. Some of the 'shopaholics' went shopping, as usual. I told them that they need to seek counseling. :>) After our regular business meeting we had an Easter egg hunt. I found three eggs, two of which had numbers indicating prizes furnished by Mary Jo: M&Ms and a notepad. Tonight we had a fish fry. Bob Williams always brings all the items for this feast, including onions, cauliflower, Tater Tots and homemade slaw. He always bakes several pies, too. He is in his element when cooking.


This morning Bev and Ed cooked us a wonderful brunch. They served quiche, sausage, bacon, biscuits, sausage gravy, orange juice and fresh fruit.

After brunch, Trish took Pat, Val, Jeanette and me to the Benini Foundation Galleries and Sculpture Ranch for a free tour. []. It is located between Stonewall and Johnson City, off County Road 204. At the junction of CR 204 and US 290 there is a sculpture of a bull, 'Marathon' by B H Turner. It is one and a half times the size of an actual bull.

Along the ranch road there are many sculptures on both sides of the road. The galleries are impressive, too. We chatted a few minutes with Benini and his wife. He wouldn't let me photograph him, though, because he was not dressed as the master. His wife also is an artist and has many of her works on display in the galleries. They allowed us to drive up to their house and go through the back garden to see more sculptures. They have a wonderful view of the hills all around them.

My camera really had a workout! Trish was very patient. She opened the hatchback door of her little PT Cruiser so I could sit in the 'trunk' and get out quickly and easily when I wanted to take a photograph. Jeanette rode there with me. We all thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Afterwards, we drove into Johnson City and had ice cream or floats at the Coffee House. My root beer float really hit the spot.

We had several visitors today: Trish and Pat (who both joined LoW), Gale (who already is a member of the national organization), Adrian and Susan.


This morning I visited with my friends for a few minutes before heading for Johnson City. On the way I noticed that 'Marathon' (the bull sculpture) had been TP'd! I'm glad it was not like that when we visited the sculpture ranch yesterday.

I attended church at the Faith Christian Cowboy Church. It is about a mile north of Johnson City on US 281. I had seen it on my way to the campout and decided that it would be the most convenient place to attend church. I called them to make sure their parking lot would accommodate Daisy. The church is interdenominational and the people are friendly. After services I changed clothes and ate a snack in the parking lot before continuing my trip back to Georgetown. It was around 3:30 by the time I arrived at Berry Springs RV Park.

It took me a long time to edit those 100 photos I took over the week end. In the process of exporting the edited photos to my external storage device, iPhoto shut down several times because it didn't like something about some of my titles -- such as titles that were too long or that contained unacceptable characters. It has no mercy!

It has been a bit chilly and windy all day, so I had to hang onto the steering wheel on the way home.

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