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Relunctantly we left our idyllic campground in Cabo San Lucas and drove a scenic, winding, hilly path to La Paz. Although we only came 100 miles, it took us almost four hours. One of us broke down at the exit of the campground, preventing the rest of us from leaving, and worrying us greatly after we finally got under way. Luckily the owner was a skilled mechanic and he was able to catch up with us again before dark.

As we drive through the countryside the goal is to stay close enough so we can see one another and to leave enough space for those who are more agile than we are to pass. This works fine in rural areas, but in towns with stoplights, we tend to get spread far apart. Stoplights are problemmatic in and of themselves; sometimes the structure is there, but the lights are not operative. Sometimes a stop sign is added as a traffic advistory; locals tend to ignore them altogether.

Today for the first time our wagon master got lost at the very end of the drive as we neared our campground. It is on the Sea of Cortez on an extremely bumpy dirt road dotted with mud puddles. Unfortunately it is surrounded by other similar looking bumpy dirt roads dotted with mud puddles. Getting our rigs into the right ruts that actually lead to our campground was a challenge.

In the afternoon we took cabs to La Paz, a small non-touristy town. For reasons not totally clear to us, they are celebrating Carnival, an event most Catholic towns celebrate before the start of Lent. The main street was closed and lined with vendors, food stalls, and band shells. The shopping was definitely oriented toward the locals. I have never seen so many plastic slinkies for sale in one spot.

Tomorrow we have a long driving day and have heard that a fire at our next campground has detroyed the utlities. The next day we are driving north again to a parking lot, since there are no campgrounds in the vicinity. We have loaded up with water and gas for our generator and will be in touch again as soon as the gods of technology allow.

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