The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Museum of Applied Arts (1)

Museum of Applied Arts (2)

Liberty Bridge and Liberation Monument on Gellert Hill

Liberty Bridge and Rock Church Grotto

Gellert Hotel and Baths

Building at Vamhaz Korut just before Liberty Bridge

Liberation Monument

Buildings along side of Gellert Hill

Outside the Entrance to Rock Church

Entrance to Rock Church

Inside the Rock Church (1)

Inside the Rock Church (2)

Inside the Rock Church (3)

Inside the Rock Church (4)

Statue of St. Istvan

View of Liberty Bridge from Buda side of Danube River

Elizabeth Bridge

Elizabeth Bridge with Dome of Royal Palace in background

Church Tower in Central Pest

We were up at 4:00 AM this morning to catch an early train to Budapest. Our plans to do some day trips to Budapest and some of the smaller centres around Lake Balaton as well as Zagreb, Croatia during the past week didn't work out as the train connections here in small town Hungary were not very good. We may try and get to Croatia later from Italy by crossing the Adriatic Sea by ferry....we will have to just wait and see how things go. We arrived in Budapest at 9:30 and then figured out which way to go to get to our new home for two days...again, because the maps we have show only specific streets, we wound up walking out of our way to get to where we needed to go. Since we arrived so early and we couldn't have our room till 2:00 PM, we had to store our packs and go out to see the sights. We headed towards the Danube River and found that the city blocks here are really, really, really long. Budapest is a concrete jungle...there seem to be only a few small parks and so people who have dogs have them do their business anywhere and everywhere. The city is quite dirty with beer cans and wine bottles everywhere as well. Our route down "Josef Korut" took us to the Petofi Bridge and on the way we stopped to see the Museum of Applied Arts building, which had a very distinctive green and gold roof. From the Petofi Bridge we made our way to the Liberty Bridge and crossed from the "Pest" side of the city to the "Buda" side on the other bank of the Danube. We were able to see "Liberation Monument" positioned high atop Gellert Hill, where a Rock Church was established on the southern slope in 1926 in a holy grotto. The church is based upon the shrine at Lourdes.

There are a number of bridges that cross the Danube River and the Elizabeth Bridge was the one next upstream from the Liberty Bridge. Because it has been such a long day since we were up so early, we decided to head back to our room and freshen up. On the way we passed either a movie set or commercial set where there was a crew filming a girl dressed in red hanging onto a street lamp. There was a whole row of trailers for make-up, wardrobe, etc and security......obvioulsy some big Hungarian production.....As we neared our room we passed a Chinese restaurant and viewed the menu which had some tasty treats. For example, you could order "Soup of Shark Paddle"....I think something got lost in the transalation from Chinese to Hungarian to English (i.e. - shark fin)...or you could order "Pork Tongue in Hot Sauce" or another down home favorite,"Boiled Chicken Gizzard with Onion" or how about "Pork Ear with Aniseed" or "Chicken Legs Boiled in Soya and Ginger" that we have everyone's mouths watering....just kidding...we did not have any of these delicacies for our to you all later.....

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