Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Sweet Pea

Daisy with Her New Pal, Sweet Pea

Val took me to an early lunch today at Schlotzky's, where we had soup and chocolate chip cookie. Her daughter, Cindy, met us there. We had a good visit. Then Val took me to Fry's Electronics to buy Scrabble software. I had looked at several stores for it, without success. She had bought her copy at Fry's, so we were confident that I could get a copy, too. It was really nice of her to take me there. Then she took me back home so I could finish getting ready for my trip. While I was doing that, she went to Half Price Books to get a Scrabble dictionary for me, since that's where she had found hers. No luck this time.

I was on the road by 1:30 but I was going to drive only about 45 miles today. This is my first trip since 1999 with a car in tow. Since Sweet Pea weighs only a little over 2,000 pounds, Daisy didn't have trouble with it. I noticed that she was only slightly sluggish going up hills. Our home for the next three days will be at Luling in the River Bend RV Park. It has quite a few amenities, including a one-acre lake, basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pool and a club house. It is situated on the bank of the San Marcos River. Since the forecast for tomorrow is for warm sunshine, it will be a good day to explore.

After I had gotten settled, I installed Scrabble on my computer and played a game with "Maven" (the computer player). She beat me soundly. Several times, a word that I had used was not allowed -- even though it was a regular word. Over time I should learn which ones are not acceptable. That's when that Scrabble dictionary would earn its keep. I'll get one soon. Much to my chagrin, Scrabble has caused me some grief. While playing my third game, my computer suddenly shut down and gave me a message saying that recently installed software or hardware may have caused it. It also stated that I should disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. Scrabble was the only recent installation so I uninstalled it. I think I'd better check with someone more technical than I.

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