Snowbirds - Winter 2006 travel blog

Ken looking out broken window

Bill fixing window

Kathy cutting glass

Bill and Kathy's house

About forty miles north of Dallas we stopped for gas and a friendly local woman who was interested in our rig started asking Ken questions about it. As the gas pumped she and her husband wondered why we chose the trailer we have and what size truck we need to pull it. These sorts of questions are not really all that unusual, but as the conversation progressed we found ourselves being invited inside for lunch. The station had the typical sorts of fast food available anywhere, but our new friends Bill and Kathy raved about the new Tex-Mex establishment inside the station complex and we found ourselves feasting on great salads and talking about travel.

Bill and Kathy invited us to come to their home so we could talk further and they could see our trailer and we followed them home. As we swung into their gate Ken tried to avoid a low hung tree nearby and we parked and took the tour. Bill and Kathy are animal lovers and were especially fond of their miniature donkeys which live with them like dogs. They also had two large affectionate dogs and a cat with gorgeous long hair. They are both talented craftsmen and have a building on their property where they make large and small items out of stained glass. They have a Texas sized piece of property and we could hardly see the next house. Quite a contrast to the way we live at home.

As the tour progressed to our trailer I put out the slide out walls and Ken noticed that our side rear window was broken. At first we thought we had been hit by a random stone, but the dirt stripe all along the side of the trailer told us that we had not missed the low hung tree after all. Well, this was obviously not good news, but it couldn't have happened in a better place. Bill got on a ladder and helped Ken removed the shards while Kathy and I went through her extensive glass collection looking for a close match. She cut the piece to match perfectly, Ken glued it in, Bill pieced the rubber gasket around the frame and we were back in business. The whole operation took about two hours and Kathy even gave us a stained glass angel she had made. Bill trimmed some of the branches from his agressive tree so that we could leave without generating even more work for them. They didn't learn as much about the RV life as they should have if they hadn't spent so much time helping us, but it was a great bonding experience. If all the Texans are as kind and helpful as Bill and Kathy we are going to love our visit here.

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