Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

First view of Kata Tjuta

Fox tail flowers in the desert

Kata Tjuta

Kathryn develops a new hi-tech bottle carrier - her cleavage!

Valley of the winds view

Latest fashion accessory - the fly net!

Walking through Valley of the Winds - the sun is thankfully hidden.

Cloud shot at valley of the winds

Is that a gut starting to poke out?

We've just come from there!

Champagne sunset at Uluru

Swigging at sunset with Uluru to look at - not a bad...

XXXX sunset with Sam, Eimear and Kathryn

Sunset shot of Uluru

The actual sun setting at Uluru

Swaggin' it

Our tour guide for the trip was Cookie a rather large framed man that looked like he'd be able to look after us in the outback. We hadn't been blessed with the most modern of vehicles, it was an off road minibus in which the air con was temperamental and the seats weren't too soft on the gluteus maximus especially when the bus met with a bump in the road. It certainly made everyone on the bus get to know each other better as we constantly swapped seats to try and get a more comfortable ride. The journey to the Yulara resort where we were staying that night took 6 hours from Alice Springs. It was broken up with plenty of breaks at service stations so it wasn't too bad and considering we set off at 6am we arrived just in time for lunch.

With us all refuelled we set off on a 7 km walk named The Valley of the Winds. The Valley of the winds walk is the longest walk through this collection of weathered domes dominated by the 546 metre Mt Olga and in the blazing heat it felt longer than 7 km. It was truly gruelling; I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest it was beating that fast as we climb up part of the mountain and I was not the only one who experienced this feeling. It was tempting to just give in but we all kept going, drinking a lot of water along the way from our ingeniously home made bottle carriers! Kathryn's I have to admit was a more interesting carrier than mine. The final part of the walk was easier as a cloud came and blocked the sun. Helen actually didn't see much of the views as she was concentrating too hard on breathing.

Not much of a break after the trek, we headed straight to Ayers Rock for a champagne sunset, which is definitely more my kind of thing.

Back to base camp to enjoy a bbq'd steak dinner before laying our heads to rest in a swag! Had to check our swags carefully for creepy crawlies before stepping into them.

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