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Home of the world's largest mushroom. We did not go to see...

The farmers' market

A huge thunderhead

Main street in Vilna

A rainbow at the end of the day

July 15 (18)

On July 15 we headed out again in our south and easterly direction. The town of Vilna sponsors a farm market on Saturday. We saw their sign and it was close to lunch time and the start of this market, so we took the side road and headed down the main street to the civic center where the farmers were setting up. We got some fresh leaf lettuce, radishes, and Bison steaks. Farm markets like this remind us of our daughter, Audrey, and her husband, Jeremy, who have a farm in Massachusetts and do a farmers market every Saturday as well as a CSA on Tuesday. With less than two weeks left of our adventure, we had a feeling of sadness, but a sense of joy that we would be visiting them in a month and cuddling with our grandsons, Tim and Jesse. (If it is possible to cuddle with an active 2 year old or a rambunctious nearly 5 year old.)

As we approached our next camp at Vermillion, Alberta, we saw large thunderheads forming and we drove through our first summer thunderstorm. The "endless spring" we had pursued across the USA, up into Canada and across Alaska, and now back down through Canada for the past two and a half months was rapidly turning into summer.

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