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Well, I have officially been in school now for two weeks, and I am still enjoying it. My whole art history went to the Duomo, whhich, as it turns out, is really much cooler from the outside anyway. No, it's just that the outside is beautiful and incredibly detailed and intricate and the inside is just a huge empty space. But the cool thing is actually in the basement, where they excavated the remains of the ancient Roman church that was on the same spot originally (San Reparata). I didn't take any pictures, though, because we will be going back on a day when we can spend more time. Other than that, we started reading "In defense of globalization" by Bhagwati in international business, started charcoal in drawing, have to give a presentation on Veneto (the region in Italy that contains both Venice and Verona), and I got a 19/20 on my Italian test yesterday!

Oh, and the food (of course!). We went to a pizzeria on Wednesday, which was good, and today we found a great sandwhich place by school. It is like the Italian version of Subway (except there is only one and it is 800 times better). You choose your bread, and all your ingredients, and the man that owns it is so nice, and they have specials for international students! Other than that, we've just been experimenting with pastas and sauces around the house. By the way, if anyone wants to try sending me more Kraft mac & cheese, it would be much appreciated- I am almost out already. Mom sent me a package last week and it got here today, so now I finally have ice cube trays and also a vegetarian cookbook so that we can experiment with a few more interesting dishes.

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