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campground cabins

If you've ever gone camping, you know a development that can bring a great trip to an unfortunate end is rain. There's nothing like rolling up a wet canvas tent to make you appreciate your warm, dry house. Even though we live in luxury in our trailer, there are still hoses, cords, chairs, bikes and floor mats outside that need to be stowed before we take off, also better done dry. We certainly weren't worried about rain in Wenatchee, a town where the sun is out 300 days a year.

Promptly at 9am the shower began. All around the asphalt pad on which our trailer sat, sprinkler heads arose and began to enthusiastically disperse water. We knew from watching other areas of the campground, that this watering would go on all day. By the time we got things put away and climbed into the car, my pants were so wet it took them the three hour drive to Seattle to dry.

We are camped on a little lake about 40 miles south of Seattle. We chose this spot because it has cabins where our friends Mike and Sara can stay when they fly in on Sunday. We will be allowed to store our trailer here while we cruise in Alaska. When we stopped for fuel here, it was the first time we felt the Katrina affects 3000 miles from New Orleans. The only gas this "bargain" station had left was premium and diesel. Luckily diesel is what we need. I hope by the time our cruise is over, that gas distribution has become more normal, or we may find ourselves residing in this area until it does. It does feel good to be done with towing our house around for a while.

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