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Agave in the RV Park = 20' high

In the Sycamore hole...

Whiskered Screech Owl

Pennestemon in AZ

Date: April 22, 2017

Weather: sunny

Temperature: start 47º

High 90º

Wildlife count: Coues Deer, Coyote

Year List: 293

Birds: Brewer’s Sparrow, Golden Eagle, Cassin’s Kingbird, Say’s Phoebe

A leisurely morning gave us good time to catch up, then we drove up to the SW Research Station to look at their feeders. It is Saturday, and lots of folks were up at the picnic areas on the road behind the station, so we came back to South Fork, finding the Whiskered Screech Owl, but no warblers. Leaving tomorrow, so we drove the 14 miles out to Animas to find fuel – that is the closest, no fuel in the other small burgs.

After lunch and siesta, we studied for Jackson a little bit. I washed the inside of the truck with a little soapy water. By the time I was done, the bucket holding the water was muddy!!! There is a LOT of dust here. Dinner was left-over Shepherd’s Pie, followed by showers and then more preparation for leaving – sewer, etc. A short walk around the park, and then we watched the night sky take over the sunset – beautiful.

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