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Barge & boat in the Intracoastal Waterway near our RV park

Great Blue Heron (at our RV park)

Our neighbor cleaning fish & attracting "beggers"

The pelicans were very persistent!

I remade this set of bead jewelry

Made to match a shirt I have

My favorite so far

Tanker ship at an oil loading area in Corpus Christi

Downtown Corpus Christi

Oil refinery in Corpus Christi

Citgo oil refinery in Corpus Christi

Not great picture but interesting wind energy running oil refinery

King Ranch oil refinery

New home at Palmdale RV Park, San Benito, TX

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Palm Harbor RV Park outside Rockport, TX. We'll definitely be going back.

While we were at Palm Harbor, one of our neighbors offered to show me the basics of beading. She helped me remake a few pieces I had either bought or made (when I didn't know what I was doing). I went to the bead shop in Rockport to add to my bead inventory & made a few more pieces while we were there. I've got lots of beads now so can do beading whenever I have the time.

Today we moved to the Palmdale RV Park in San Benito, TX. It was just a 3 hour drive from Rockport. We're really closer to Los Fresnos than San Benito but the address is San Benito. This is an interesting park. There are some single-wide mobile homes around the perimeter & the lots are all at least 40 x 90'. The space we chose has a wooden deck. Rain is forecast for the next 3 or 4 days so we thought it would be good to have the deck to keep the mud out of the RV.

Tomorrow we're planning to go to the Texas Tourist Information Center in Harlingen & the Bass Pro Shop that's close to the info center. We'll plan our sight-seeing in this area from there.

More later...

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