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David couldn't resist feeding our pets one more time

We named this one Einstein because the wild feathers on his head

Pretty and green

Devastating fire destruction for miles

One of the small towns we drove through

A pretty ranch house

This is where we're serving this month

This is where we're living this month

Yesterday morning we left New Braunfels for the trip back to Livingston to volunteer at CARE. We chose to take the back roads across Texas and really enjoyed the drive through the small towns and country. We drove through one area that was devastated by wild fires this summer - miles and miles of black trees and houses being built to replace the ones that burned. It was so sad!

We arrived at CARE about 2:15 but didn't get the trailer parked until almost 5:00. The maintenance manager took us out to choose between 2 sites and one of the employees was working on the sewer system controls not too far from one of the sites (actually the one we chose). Of course David had to ask what the guy was working on and was told that he was having a hard time figuring it out (I'm sure you know what's coming) so within 15 minutes of arrival David is "on the job" helping the guy out. While he was working on the sewer controls, our friend John (also volunteering in maintenance) got a chainsaw and cut limbs out of the tree so we could back into the site without damaging the trailer. I guess you just can't keep good men retired!

We have a nice space next to the pretty green field where they recycle the waste water (it doesn't smell too bad too often) so we only have neighbors on one side - and they were volunteers who left this morning so we currently have the place to ourselves.

We reported for duty this morning at 8:00 and it didn't take too long before David got his own golf cart for maintenance work. The lady who we thought was leaving today so our friend Pat and I were going to share the receptionist job isn't actually leaving until Dec 17. I told her that we were planning to work and asked if she would train me before she left. She said she would be happy to share the job with me (she's been working 7.5 hours 5 days a week!) and started training me on the spot. I'm off a few hours now and will go back at 3:30 to answer phones and keep track of everyone who eats dinner this evening. Then she'll work mornings and I'll work afternoons or visa versa. Friend Pat was put to work trying to straighten out the director's files. If that doesn't take her all month she'll help me when Christine leaves mid month.

So, probably won't be too much to report too often but I'll try to post at least once a week to let you know we're still alive and kickin'.

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