our setup at the VanEm's place

It was and "easy n breezy" drive from Galt north up I-80 to Reno and Carson City area. The 190 miles went by fast as we were intrigued by the many wonderful mountain views afforded us. We were so curious because of the lack of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. You've probably heard about the drought in California but it also affects northwestern Nevada, as it's the snow pack that fills their reservoirs, lakes and ground water levels. Lake Tahoe, for instance is more than six feet below it's natural rim, therefore not allowing water from Tahoe to fill the Truckee River that runs through Reno. We saw very little snow in the high elevations that feed California and northern Nevada.

We like to stay at our friends property in Mound House, just outside of Carson City, they have installed 30 amp electricity and water for us. We call this stop the VanEm's RV Ranch and Spa, not a real RV park.

Every time we come to the western states we have to come through Reno as we have 3 kids and their families here. We just gotta get the grandkid hugs and smooches when we can. We also have a brother here and long time friends. And so, this short visit will be filled with kids, grandkids and doctor visits with friends tossed in for good measure. Dave has to have some dermatology excisions, plus both of us have to have our yearly physicals. We'll report on all of these so stay tuned.

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