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It was after 7:00 AM when we walked into the restaurant to have some breakfast and coffee before leaving for the airport in St Louis.

The locals in the restaurant have already begun treating us as if we are one of them and they talk and smile, joking with us and making us feel welcome.

With breakfast over we said “So Long” to our friends at the restaurant and began the drive to St Louis, knowing we would be early, since our flight wasn’t scheduled to depart until 2:30 PM.

We stopped in Troy, Missouri, to fill the rental car with fuel, then continued on, pleased at the easy pace and the much lighter than normal traffic.

Returning the rental car was easy and within a couple of minutes we were on the shuttle bus, headed for the terminal and the chaos associated with flying commercial these days.

With tickets in hand we passed through security, then walked what seemed like several miles to our gate.

We made several phone calls to family & friends, letting them know we were safe at the airport in St Louis.

Marilyn & I shared a meal at “Chili’s” in the terminal, then began the long wait for our flight.

I say “long wait” because our flight was delayed. The aircraft had departed Las Vegas but due to a problem they had to return to Vegas, then the passengers had to board a replacement aircraft for the flight to St Louis.

Oh, I want to let you loyal readers know that we do have pictures to post for you, but I won’t get them posted until after we arrive back in Phoenix, and have the convenience of our Wi-Fi system at Gold Canyon Resort.

I’ll let you know when we have them posted.

We arrived in Phoenix at 5:34 PM, after a smooth, uneventful flight.

Because of the delay in St Louis, numerous passengers had a very tight connection in Phoenix, so the people who were going to Phoenix were asked to remain seated until the folks with close connections deplaned.

Henry & Pam met us outside and we enjoyed a good visit on the way back to our home in Gold Canyon.

We sure thank you good friends, for your help!

Marilyn & I turned the fireplace on to take the chill off, inside the RV.

I turned the water back on, and once we assured ourselves that all was well with the RV we jumped into the car and drove to the grocery store.

We now have groceries to last a few days, and ate a couple of TV dinners while relaxing for awhile.

Tomorrow we’ll pick up Bob & Janet and things will begin to return to normal.

Life is Good!

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