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Tammy, Lacie, Margot


Today was the day of the shower. An amazing tradition that Lacie has allowed to happen in her honor. Mostly family, and a few friends attended; I think I only met a couple of people I didn’t know before, including the mother of the groom. A fun-loving lady, she came with one of the more risqué games for the party. I have no idea what to call it, but it was hilarious to watch. Until we were all supposed to participate! It works like this: a long string is tied to one end of a hot dog, which is then tied around the waist of the participant. Then a plate of thumbtacks is placed on the floor in front. The object of the game is to stick one of the tacks in the hotdog by lunging. The first to get a tack wins. Lacie gave me a pass so I could take pictures. I did, but it was difficult to do and laugh at the same time. And the conversations were hilarious!

In the end, Lacie unwrapped her gifts while we all enjoyed lunch and mimosas.

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