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Our space in Isla Blanca County Park

Our new sign

Pink Flamingoes enjoying South Padre Island!

El Cristo de los Pescadores - The Christ of the Fishermen

High-rises on the beach

Gulf of Mexico - beach at South Padre Island


Snowy Plover

Digging in the sand

What do you want? I'm busy!

Last night we had one heck of a thunderstorm. Big lightning flashes - loud thunder - lots of rain. So this morning when we wanted to leave, the original tire tracks were full of water & the ground turned to mud - we couldn't get out even with our 4WD. The park brought in 4 loads of caliche (crushed limestone) to create a roadbed so we could get the trailer out of the site. Now that site is improved for the next rv!

We moved 21 miles to the Isla Blanca County Park on South Padre Island. It started raining (not too heavy) when we arrived so we got a little damp getting into our site & setting up. (It had quit raining by the time we finished setting up.) We can't see the Gulf but we can hear the breakers. There weren't many sites available when we checked in & we were lucky to get one of the larger sites in the park.

After a quick lunch we took Callie for a walk down the ship channel to the Gulf & then down the beach & back to the trailer. It's not a clear day today so we saw the high-rise hotels down the beach through the fog & saw a shrimp boat coming in through the fog. Callie had fun digging in the sand. We're looking forward to sunny days this coming week.

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