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CARE Center bonfire on New Year's Eve

Volunteers & residents enjoying the bonfire

Bud & Pearl - party animals even in their 90s!

Minute Maid Park - Houston Astros

jelly fish in the bay in front of our trailer

Our view to the west

View north

View east

View south

Home on the beach

"Only worry in the world -is the tide gonna reach my chair"...

Fishing pier

Jelly fish swimming around the pier

Callie taking it all in

shore bird


We enjoyed New Year's Eve at the CARE Center. David & John built a bonfire and most of the volunteers and a few of the residents enjoyed sitting around the bonfire, making s'mores and visiting. It was an early night - few of us stayed up until midnight. But I did wake up at midnight because there were so many fireworks going off around us. I did say fireworks - not just firecrackers. It sounded like a small town fireworks display right across the road - but it was a private party. Fireworks are legal in Texas.

For those who may be interested, in our 3 months on the road in 2011 - 1 month stationary in Livingston - the trailer traveled 2,612 miles and the truck traveled 4,378 miles.

We went to church New Year's morning, then called sister Norma to wish her happy birthday. We spent the day getting the truck & trailer ready to roll out the next morning.

Today we enjoyed the drive through Houston to Goose Island State Park near Rockport. We stopped at JR's BBQ for lunch on the way - yum! Our camp site is on Aransas Bay. We did minimal setup when we arrived so we could take Callie for a long walk along the bay. By the way, Callie did great in a canvas crate in the backseat of the truck - not a peep out of her the entire 5 hours of driving today.

More later...

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