It was a wowser drive to Virginia City...

Arriving in Virginia City...

This is a popular event... :-)

They had a wild and unusual parade before the races ...:-)

I am going to let the pictures speak for the captions...haha



Lining up for the race to start...

This man almost fell down he was trying so hard..

Two more taking off..






A cool shirt...:-)

They have more races tomorrow before they announce the winner...

After the races we walked around town..

Cool entertainment..

Lots of restaurants in town to choose from..

Donkeys in town and wild horses too...

Wild horses are all over town walking where they please..

We watched ten of them cross the street and then saw more...

It was so cool to watch them ... :-)


Pipers Opera House..


Lots of cool shops in town..

We are planning a trip back to shop when the crowds are...

The Potty Train coming back from the race...


More coming back to park after the race...









The End....:-)

We spent the day in Virginia City watching one of the most unusual races we have ever seen. We were here before for the Camel Races and the Ostrich Races, today we watched the Outhouse Races. :-) The Races pit teams of costumed outhouse racers against each other. One person rides and the remaining team members push, pull or drag the decorated outhouses down the racetrack. This fun and hilarious event marks a moment in history when the townspeople once took their outhouses to the streets and marched to city hall to protest new ordinances that outlawed outdoor toilets. Since then the event has become an annual tradition to relive history and honor the golden age of outdoor plumbing!

We watched as teams of two costumed outhouse racers are pitted against each other in an all-out potty race. There will be a chance to vote for the ugliest, the prettiest, the most unusual outhouses, etc. during the People’s Choice Awards on Saturday.

All races take place on “C” street (the main drag) in downtown Virginia City. Typical outhouse themes vary in styles, décor, and originality, leaving the entries completely up to the imagination of the team and the company, group, or family that it represents. This makes for interesting renditions of artistic license! Some of the entrants from past years include “The Flapper Crapper”, “The Haunted Outhouse”, “Alice In Pottyland”, “The Potty Poopers” and the “The Urinator”.

Jerry and I arrived early but could not find a parking spot. The place was packed. We finally found a spot and watched the incredible parade of outhouses and then the races began. We won’t know who the winner is until they finish the final races tomorrow. It was a cool race to watch. ;-)

We saw ten wild horses crossing the street in front of us. They roam all over town and the mountains in the area. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Don’t miss this one if you are in the area at the time, it was fabulous. More later...

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