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My room at Hands of Mercy - amazingly, I had an indoor...

The main entryway of Hands of Mercy - Little Angel's Home

Sign at the main building

Transportation between the two homes, on Pastor Sam's bike.

The meal room at the main building.

The recreation room at the main building. When I was there, the...

Meal time at the Little Angel's Home.

The main sitting and play area at the Little Angel's Home

The new play structure at the Little Angel's Home

I love this photo - the stuffed animals had a "bath", and...

One of the three sleeping rooms - this one for the 1...

Another one of the three sleeping rooms. This one had the older...

Nick writing

I visited Ghana for two weeks at the end of March and beginning of April, to visit Countryside Orphanage in Bawjiase, and see all of the children we met last year.

I also had the great pleasure and honour to visit the Hands of Mercy Orphanage in Accra, Ghana. It is a fantastic orphanage run by Pastor Deborah, a wonderful Canadian woman, along with a great group of people in Ghana. I was met at the airport by the Ghanaian heads of the orphanage, Pastor Sam, Pastor Enoch, and Paul (who may or may not be a pastor as well), in their new van. They were as excited to pick me up as I was to visit.

Hands of Mercy has two homes in Accra, in the eastern suburb of Teshie. I spent three great days at the Little Angel's Home, the smaller of the two homes that cares for the youngest children. There were about 19 kids that were there, and a staff of 6 or 7 "aunties" who take care of the children. I was amazed at how well-run the home was - all of the furniture was new and well-cared for; the children had a big play area surrounded by comfy couches (not something I saw a lot of at Countryside); the food was well portioned and healthy; and the kids actually sat quietly and ate at a big table with spoons. OK, some times it wasn't so quiet!

There were mosquito screens on all of the windows, and an indoor shower/bathroom area. Even though the home was located in Accra, it did have a yard and a new play structure, and the kids had outdoor play time every day. They followed a good structure at the home, with quiet time, naps, snacks, story time, play time, and even english lessons.

One of the biggest things I was struck by was the love, attention, and care that all of the children received at Hands of Mercy, both at the Little Angel's home, and the main home. It is truly exceptional what the home is doing to care for these children.

I spent three days at the home, before heading up to rural Bawjiase and our friends at Countryside Orphanage. I would highly recommend if anyone was interested looking at Hands of Mercy's website. - the Ghana home is the first one linked at the top.

You will notice that there are no children in my photos of the home; this is to protect the privacy of the children. Hopefully the photos give you a sense of the care and attention that the children receive at the Home.

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