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Jesse & Ginger drove up to our Site right at the crack of dawn.

By the time we were ready to jump in, Jesse had the bags loaded and we were off for the airport.

Traffic wasn’t too bad and we soon had tickets in hand, passed through security, and walked the long distance to our gate, which was next to the last gate away from security.

We grabbed a bite to eat and boarded at the proper time.

Every seat on the aircraft was filled but the flight was on time and smooth all the way to St Louis.

The pilot even made a smooth touchdown and there were no delays as we taxied to the gate.

I was reminded of the joke about the elderly lady passenger on an aircraft which experienced a particularly bone jarring landing.

At the gate the crew opened the door to the cockpit, stood in the doorway, and nodded to the passengers as they deplaned.

One elderly lady looked at the captain as she neared the door, and asked him “Sonny, did we crash or were we shot down?”

I’ve had a few landings like that over the years but they were very few and far between.

Marilyn & I once again found ourselves a long way from the baggage claim area so a long walk followed as we exited the aircraft.

We waited a few minutes to get our luggage and then caught a shuttle to our rental car agency.

With a new Kia to drive we were off headed toward Palmyra and the grandkids.

We made one stop for some food, and one more stop to check into our hotel before continuing on to the home of Steve, Jennifer, and the grandkids.

We stayed and played, admiring the work Steve has done on their home. It looked so nice decorated for Christmas, the fireplace with stocking hanging from the mantle, and several Christmas trees sparkling with lights.

We were tired after a full day of travel so we returned to our hotel fairly early, looking forward to a good night of rest and more fun with the family tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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