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Today I did the full 30 minutes on the recumbent bike. At the end, my feet and legs felt strange – a little weak and numb -- but they soon returned to normal. I’m using the lowest level of exertion but hope to work up to higher levels soon.

This afternoon I had a follow-up visit with my ophthalmologist regarding the inflammation in my left eye. He said that it was looking very good and that I could stop using the prednolosone drops. He also did the regular annual exam. He said that the cataract in my left eye is “ripe” but that the right one is not; so we will wait until the right eye is ready before doing cataract surgery. The left eye will not gain much improvement because of the scarring in the cornea. This time he prescribed new lenses. It has become increasingly difficult for me to read street signs. My new prescription will give me only 20/30 vision.

The temperature is dropping again. I hope it won’t be icy tomorrow because I want to attend my DAR chapter meeting in the morning and then pick up my new computer tomorrow afternoon.

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