Krusen with the Kruses travel blog

Texas sunrise

Texas Safety Rest Area

Information kiosks inside the rest area building

David looking for weather info

Travel day. We left Amarillo about 8:15 am and stopped in Alvord, TX, at the A+ RV Park about 2:30 pm. Mostly flat country - lots of windmills, cattle, wheat fields and oil wells.

As you can see by the photos, we were very impressed with the Texas rest areas. The one we stopped at was in Donley, TX, and was designed to look like a train station and railroad cars. Inside the building it was even decorated like a train station. We saw one other rest area but didn't stop. Its building looked like a farm house.

We had wind all day. David said it wasn't too bad but he couldn't relax at all while driving. Tonight the wind has died down and it's a beautiful evening.

On to Livingston tomorrow...

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