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Dust storm on Hwy 77 near Robstown, TX

Not fog - dust

Drilling oil well in SW Texas

Love courthouses! This is Atascosa County, TX

Lone Star Corral - SKP Co-op Park, Hondo, TX

Life-size SKP logo

In our space in Lone Star Corral - beautiful sunset!

Texas Hill Country on Hwy 83

Frio River

Hunting Preserve ranch

Mesa in West Texas - notice hunting blind

Looks like NM or AZ - but it's SW Texas

Lots of windmills in Texas - notice new wind machines in background

Wind machines are everywhere!

We left South Padre Island yesterday morning & fought wind until we were well away from the coastal plains. Seeing all the oil drilling taking place along Hwy 37 was really interesting. We spent last night at an SKP Co-op park in Hondo, TX - Lone Star Corral. The co-op parks are not rv parks. Each lot is purchased & can be improved with a casita. When the owner is traveling, they rent the lots out to Excapee member/visitors.

This morning we headed north & west to Fort Stockton. We drove through ranch country & an area of hunting preserves (gates & high fences for miles & miles - we saw 2 antelope fencing with their racks) - then hit I10 & headed west. We had never been on this stretch of I10 & didn't realize that SW Texas was desert. Everyone talks about how boring this drive is but we enjoy deserts & enjoyed this drive. Perhaps it would get boring if you drove it alot.

We try not to drive on Sundays but high winds are forecast west of us on Monday, so we're going to drive to Deming, NM, tomorrow. If we have to spend an extra day or two due to high winds, we'd rather do that in Deming than here - we can go from Deming to Buckeye, AZ, in 1 day if we have to.

We're thankful for safe travel. More later...

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