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Kitty let us sleep in this morning, after bouncing around a bit at 5:30. Since we had no plans for the day, I made a casserole of eggs, ham, cheese and biscuits for breakfast. Then Don played computer games while I did the bank accounts and a few other odds and ends. I took the kitty outside for a while. Now that she has been out, she thinks it should be a regular occurrence. Later in the afternoon we went over to the house . While Don updated his family tree file with Kim, I worked on getting the journal updated. Sure is nice to have good wifi for a change!

Chris got home around 6:30, just in time to start the smoker for a pork loin for dinner. We had already started with a glass of wine, and were enjoying our time with Kim. The menagerie a;;eared on the patio again, so we were able to get a few pictures of the deer and the squirrel being fed. The deer is really funny. She stands at the door, and pokes her head in to take apple slices from Kim’s hand. And the squirrel just invites herself in if not careful.

After Chris got the smoker started we adjourned to the patio. He lit the propane heaters so we were toasty warm. Dinner was a long time coming, but we were happy with more wine and pistachios to munch on while we talked. When the meat was eventually done, we trouped inside to enjoy it with a tossed salad, and more wine. Needless to say, we did not get home as early tonight. It was a good day!

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