Arriving Greater Nevada Field where the Slaughter House and Zombie Crawl were...

This place goes all out for Halloween..


Zombies all over the ground getting ready for the dance..

Slowly rising to dance...:-)

Dancing to the music....:-)

Thousands of them spread out all over the field..



The Slaughter House ..

Drones filming the zombies..

Zoom of the drone..

Zombies after the dance posing for everyone..

Last one!

Reno really goes all out for Halloween. They have a huge haunted house called the Slaughter House. Slaughter House is Reno's longest running haunted attraction and largest, highly anticipated, most attended and talked about Halloween attraction in Northern Nevada! We didn’t go into the house, we did drive over to the Greater Nevada Field to see the zombie dance. They have over 1,000 people dressed as zombies that dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller song. It was quite a site. They started out on the ground like they were dead, then they slowly rise and dance. After the dance, they walk all over Reno streets.

There were so many people there, I had to tip-toe and hold my camera over shoulders to get pictures. The Reno Zombie Crawl is one of the biggest zombie crawls in the WORLD, the Reno Zombie Crawl is one of USA Today’s Top 10 Costumed Halloween Parties in the US. We enjoyed watching and even got a few zombies to pose for us. :-) I hope you enjoy the pictures. Check back later for more from Nevada.

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