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Payday is tomorrow, so we decided to get in a bit of shopping before we moved up the hill to Woodland Park. I picked up some yarn for the next baby afghan at JoAnns. Then we met niece Sue at Costco so we could use her card to get a few things. This was really hard, as I saw many things I would have like to get had we not lived in and RV with limited storage space. Then we had to kill a bit of time before meeting friends Lanny and Suzanne for dinner at Olive Garden. We had been looking forward to this, both for the company and because it had been a while since we had eaten there. In fact, we got there a bit early and settled at a table with wine and stuffed mushrooms. Initially we planned to share, but they just did not get there in time. (Darn!) Once there, we had a delicious and leisurely dinner. A meal is always better when shared!

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