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Newcastle Beach in.....Newcastle! The waves were massive and scarey....and coooooool!!! Gutted I...


Me kicking Matts ass at Ping Pong. He'll tell you a different...

Our 'Lounge Room'. I spose you can't really argue cos that's what...

We had a really goo nights sleep I think we all agreed so we are going to stay here for another night and get up early tomorrow and drive to Sydney Baby!

Today we didn't really have a lot planned as we didn't book anything up yesterday as we arrived quite late!

We did have alittle drive around this morning is a last minute panice to find some sprey for the car......I don't think we have told you this story yet have we.....right make yourselves comfy and I shall begin....

Matt the TWAT (sorry kids) decided to scuff the front of the car in a bit of a reversing faux pas.....which the boys have known about for days and were too scared to tell me about so Mr "I've been driving for 4 years" may have cost us a lot of money!!! Because of this Matt hatched a plan of finding a Toyota garage, getting a paint match and spraying it!

But as it was a Sunday nothing was open so we are going to try and get it done when we get to Sydney tomorrow morning, 2 hours before we drop the car off!

Aaaaaaanyway, after that Matt went for a walk and me and Ozz drove down to the front to see about surfing, the waves looked amazing but there was nowhere to get a board.

So we went back to the hostel just as Matt arrive back and all had some late lunch (you guessed it.....cheese and pickle!)

Shortly after Hettie and Andrew arrived (we are now confused as to who is stalking who as we have followed them to the last 3 hostels) and we hung out and played some more ping pong/pool then watched footy (World Club Final) in our lounge.

Newcastle was ok, the seafront area looked really funky - the area our hostel was in looked like Detroit!!!

We are gutted however that we couldn't do the wine/cheese tour from here in to Hunter Valley but we may be able to do it from Sydney or somewhere else on our way around Australia.


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