Thousand Trails Long Beach entry

the actual drive in entrance

Check in here, find our own site

somebody forgot their flower boat...

our setup, space 90

space 90 is right there

gotta make it look like home

just around the corner from our rig is this set of yurts,...

Time for our walk along the beach

Bambi's old legs don't carry very far these days, so she has...

We took a break at the half way point, whew...

While taking our break , horses passed by

best looking horse in the bunch

On this, a beautiful sunny day, our drive of 30 miles was more than just easy, it's was wonderful. This move took us over the bridge connecting Astoria, OR with Washington. The bridge spans the Columbia River near it's mouth of the Pacific Ocean. It's here that Lewis and Clark ended their trip and stayed for several months preparing for their return. They and others in the Corps of Discovery left footprints all over this region.

Upon our arrival, we quickly setup then set off for our long awaited beach venture. We try to walk 4 to 6 miles every other day. This is an ideal location for our walks because we can choose such a variety of terrain, in which to do it. We can walk on pavement, soft sand, hard packed sand or even gravel trails. But, no matter where we go there is always something interesting to see.

Our first weekend here, is the event called Sandsations in town. It's an annual sand sulpting contest. we're looking forward to that and seeing the talent. So come along with us and discover what Lewis and Clark saw!

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