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With yet another fine day to travel we looked forward to our journey from Deming to Kartchner Caverns State Park, in Arizona, this morning.

I awoke early and noticed that it was cold when any exposed skin was not under the blankets.

We had not turned any heat source on and it was only 54 degrees inside when I finally had the courage to get out of bed and glance at the indoor/outdoor temp readings.

I went to the thermostat and turned the furnace on, set the temp to 68 and climbed back into bed.

A bit later I woke again and climbed out of bed to start the day.

It was 20 minutes after 8:00 when we left Deming.

Marilyn drove again because we had an issue hooking the car up to tow and she didn’t want to waste any time resolving the problem.

With Deming in the rear view mirror, we pointed our rigs westward and rolled down I-10 with bright sunshine and no wind at all.

Not much later, we welcomed a new state for our RV, as we crossed the border into Arizona. We also gained another hour on the clock when we reached Arizona.

We have been on the road for eight days and it felt really good to arrive at our destination for today. This campground will be our home for the next three days before we move on to our winter destination of Gold Canyon.

Once we had our rig set up today, we fired up the grill and grilled some polish sausages. We ate those along with some chips and washed it all down with a cold drink.

Funny, but after lunch, on this warm, sunny, day, everyone seemed to feel like a nap was in order.

After a bit of really good “laziness” we sat with our readers and computers, waiting for our friends, Jesse & Ginger, to arrive.

Our phone rang and it was our friends calling to see if we had arrived. It seems that we were supposed to call them when we arrived. Oops! My bad!

In any case, Jesse & Ginger decided to go check in at their motel and then drive out to join us for a happy hour.

It sure was nice to see these good friends again.

They gave us lots of good information about our winter home and we liked that. They made sure we knew that it is not nearly as nice as Llano Grande in Texas. Actually we have not seen any resort as nice as Llano Grande, and I’m sure we’ll return to that wonderful place in the future. For now we cannot imagine any nicer weather than what we have experienced so far, here today.

Our weather is awesome and there is a nice gentle breeze coming in the open window beside my chair.

The scenery is wonderful too, with mountains all around.

Oh yeah, Life is Good!

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