Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

my must picture- go Pre!

OMG! The original waffle iron that the first Nike shoes were made...

exhibit for the Prefontain Classic weekend at Nike

"wild life" on the streets of Portland

statue with umbrella- how appropriate for our day

now, how do you tow a vehicle that is cruising?

street in Portland

We missed out on a number of items in Oregon that we would have wanted to see: no Crater Lake or Oregon Coast since the car gave us a scare. We just did not want to get stuck far out from the main roads. So we took I-5 north and stopped only at Eugene and Portland.

The Eugene stop was very exciting to me (Charlie). Both Michelle and I used to run before leaving for this trip (which is a fun activity per se, but I love boasting about Michelle's achivements even more. She got a few age group awards in 5K and her 3:32 marathon for a girl is much nicer than my 3:08 for a boy). Eugene is famous in running circles for Nike and the University of Oregon athletic field. A famous character from this scene is Pre (Prefontain), who used to hold all sort of American records between 3k-10k in the early 70s, until he died in a car crash. As luck would bring, we got to Eugene on the Prefontain Classic weekend, however the track meet was the day before we got there. So we did not get to see much running, but at least in the Nike store we saw the waffle iron that was used to make the first Nike running shoes. More to the shoe business, at the university museum of natural history you can see really old north american shoes. The guide book said that there is on display the oldest pair of shoes in the country. Well, I only saw a picture of it there. Nevertheless it is impressive that items like that would survive 10 000 years.

From there we headed to Portland and I (Michelle) have to say that the scenery was exactly what I pictured Oregon to be like - nothing but super green pine trees and gray skies - but in a good/picturesque way. Portland is also pretty much how I pictured - charming and bohemian and raining. It actually reminded me quite a bit of Portland, Maine and a little of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and I'm not just talking about the names. This was our last day with Katie and I couldn't believe how fast her visit went by. I sadly took her to the airport in plenty of time for her flight (she would end up having a a horendously long trip back to NH because her connecting flight in Chicago was canceled due to thunder storms.)

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